Name Year of Graduation Thesis
Ehsan Shabani (PhD) 2020 Biosensor Fabrication for Fast Detection of Stroke Biomarkers
Seyedeh Sharareh Mahdavi (PhD) 2020 Scaffold Synthesis for Corneal Regeneration
Amirreza Mansoori (MSc) 2020 Development of novel bioactive bone cements
Kosar Rahimi (MSc) 2019 Development of a polymeric scaffold for periodontal regeneration
Maryam Asadi Korayem (MSc) 2019 Developing injectable hydrogel for growth factor delivery for cartilage regeneration
Nima Ahmadkhani (MSc) 2019 Design and Fabrication of Microfluidic Chip for Selection of Functional Sperm
Farshid Moradi (MSc) 2019 Biosensor for Fast Detection
Zahra Khodabakhshi (MSc) 2019 Synthesise and Improve the Bone Cement
Elaheh Jooybar (PhD) 2019 Developing in Situ Forming Hydrogels for Cartilage Tissue engineering
Farnaz Behroozi (PhD) 2018 Smart Drug Delivery
Arezou Poursadeghian (MSc) 2018 Development of Extended Release System for Aspirin
Zahra Hajian Foroushani (MSc) 2018 Fabrication of Fibrin Scaffold for Corneal Regeneration
Flora Bahrami (MSc) 2018 Intelligent Drug Delivery System for Cancer Treatment
Mehrnoosh Rafiei (MSc) 2017 Combination of PRP (platelet Rich plasma)with Polymeric Scaffold for Cartilage Regeneration
Reza Sanaei (MSc) 2017 VEGF Isolation from platelet lysate
Samira Davoodinia (MSc) 2017 In Situ Injectable Hydrogel for Cartilage Tissue Engineering
Hamid Hamed (MSc) 2016 Evaluation of Hollowfiber Membranes Uesd In Hemodialysis
Nahid Haghjou (MSc) 2015 Simulation of Intravitreal Drug Delivery Systems
Mandana Tavakolian (MSc) 2015 Mathematical Modeling of Diabetic Nephropathy
Sasan Ghanbari Asl (MSc) 2015 Optimization of Cell Proliferation on Polymeric Carriers Composed of Accelular Heart Matrix
Hamid Reza Dehbini (MSc) 2015 Granisetron Transdermal Drug Delivery System
Roya Kazemi Ahmadabad (MSc) 2014 Imprinting Technology in Tumor Marker Detection
Mohammad Hassan Hedayati 2014 Targeted Delivery of Curcumin by Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticle Coated with Liposome
Mohammad Amin Sadeghi 2014 Investigating the Impact of Different Topologies on Performance of Catalytic Converters
Dr. M. Sadeghi 2013 Thermodynamic properties of blood plasma
Zeynab Mousavi Khamene 2013 Facilitation of Transscleral Drug Delivery
Marjan Radfar 2013 Simulation of Optimum Nutrition in Bioreactors
Navid Alavi Shoushtari 2013 Drug Delivery into the Anterior Segment of the Eye
M. Tabatabaie 2013 Controlled release of nutrient in fermentation process
Eiman Rahnama 2013 Stem cell separation using imprinted polymers
Davood Sabaghi 2013 Human Cells Separation Via Imprinted Polymer
Majid Barzgar Bajestani 2013 Preparation of Proton Exchange Membrane for Microbial Fuel Cell Application
Parisa Noohi 2012 Simulation of Transport Phenomena in Gas Injection in the Eye
Hasti Hosseini Zand 2012 Stem Cell Culture in Bioreactor
Ehsan Shirzaei 2012 Synthesis of molecularly imprinted nano-porous polymer for the enrichment of Taxol; an anti-cancer agent- designed by MD Simulations
Mehdi Karimi 2012 Packed bed polymerization for production of porous microsphere
Hossein Safari Nore Eini 2012 Thermodynamic Aspect and Simulation of Oxygen Intravitreal Profile and its Effect on Cataract
Eiman Rahnema Falavarjani 2012 Cell Separation via Nano-porous Molecularly Imprinted Polymer
M. Saadatmand 2011 Modeling of micro-fluidic systems in the human body
Dr. Ali Nematollahzadeh 2010 Adsorption of undesirable substances in the gastrointestinal tract using imprinting technology
Dr. Fariba Ganji 2006 Biodegradable and thermo-sensitive copolymer of PLGA and chitosan as a drug delivery system
Z. Madjidian 2006 Controlled release delivery systems for paroxetine
R. Shariati 2006 Synthesis of living artificial skin
M. Ahangar-davudi 2005 Controlled release delivery systems for metronidazole
M. Saadatmand 2005 Synthesis of tri-block copolymer of PLGA and PEG as a thermo-sensitive polymer
M. Rohani 2003 Mathematical modeling of the thermo-sensitive hydrogels
B. Keshavarzi 2003 Modeling of human cardiac sodium channel
Sh. Tahmasebian 2003 Modeling of heat transfer in the human body
M. Zendehdel 2003 Thermodynamic equilibrium and mass transfer in the human blood
V. Vahabzadeh 2002 A biodegradable delivery system for naltrexone
H. Vakili 2002 Colic acid absorption by using imprinting technology
M. Mahmoudi 2002 Simulation of neurotransmitter release at the neuromuscular junction
M. Dabbagh 2002 Effects of polydimethylsiloxane grafting on the calcification – physical properties and biocompatibility of polyurethane in a heart valve
S. Minapour 2002 PVC synthesis with the medical grade for biomedical applications
M.R. Kashefi 2002 Fabrication of artificial legs using light composite polymers
N. Khandan 2001 Controlled release delivery systems for salbutamol
Gharibi 2001 Controlled release systems for a herbicide
Fazaeli 2001 Controlled release systems for making an anti-venom
M. Torbati 2001 Modification of cerebro-spinal fluid shunts by increasing PDMS hydrophilicity
P. Kianian 2001 Natural latex for the biomedical applications
A. Hemmatti 2000 Controlled release delivery systems for diclofenac sodium
K. Karimi 2000 A transdermal delivery system for nicotine
O. Akramian 2000 Controlled release delivery systems for doxycycline for dental applications
M. Adimi 2000 Rheological model for the blood flow in the human body
A. Ghanbari 2000 Kevlar for the biomedical applications
N. Saiedavi 2000 Regeneration method of hemo-dialyzer filters
F. Ganji 1999 Hydrodynamic behaviors of cerebro-spinal fluid shunts
A. Mohseni 1999 Polymeric reservoirs for controlled release of iodine in drinking water
M. Heidari 1999 A new drug delivery system for treatment of narcotic addiction
M. Mashayekhi 1999 Controlled release delivery systems for fluoride